ICSW\local is a new partnership track within ICSW to bring more local voices to the global stage. It is a way to broaden engagement with partners in under-represented or marginalised regions, who due to financial and logistical constraints, would not be able to host events in Suva, Fiji. ICSW\local partners will hold ICSW events at the local, national, or regional levels between September and November, in the lead up to ICSW 2017. 

Representatives from ICSW\local events will then travel to Suva to bring their diverse civil society and community perspectives into the global conversations in Fiji.



Da Hawwa Lur


Empowering Women in Decision-Making Through Political Process - October 16, 2017
Our Struggles
This event will highlight the importance of women in political processes of decision making and recognize the struggle that female political representatives face to participate in national and provincial assemblies. Through a more equitable gender representation, advancements can be made for women's empowerment, good governance and the promotion of civic education.

Western Balkans and Turkey

TACSO - Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations


EU & Civil Society: Quo Vadis? - October 11, 2017
Our Struggles
The event is a unique opportunity for CSO representatives, activists, social enterprises, academics and government representatives from the Western Balkans, Turkey, EU and beyond to critically discuss issues concerning civil society in a time of turbulence and radical change. An inquiry with a wide group of stakeholders and beneficiaries of the region will yield suggestions that will contribute to forging the role of CSOs in upholding principles of democracy; in deepening citizens’ understanding about the accession process; in stimulating and balancing public debates/consultations; and in fostering pluralism and participatory democracy.


Somos el Presente


Youth Leading the Future: Engaging Youth in Public Policy Design and Implementation - Date TBC
Our Future
This event will spark the conversation around increasing formal spaces for youth engagement in public policy design and implementation. Engaging and empowering youth in the global challenges of today builds a citizen base that can offer unqiue perspectives on complex issues.

Trinidad and Tobago

G.O International Academy of Learning


Shared Values in Governance - September, October & November 2017
Our Future
This event will celebrate and give international voice to civil society actors. It will focus on building partnerships within civil society to advocate for accountable economic policies within the federal government.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Yole! Africa


Great Lakes Transgenerational Dialogue - September 29 & 30, 2017
Our Future
Youth organizations will facilitate transgenerational dialogues and events that promote the sharing of successes, challenges, and opportunities of transgenerational collaboration. Recommendations and tactics will be proposed and used in the development of a regional strategy to create sustainable influence.


Junior Chamber International - Rhades


Struggles and Adaptation: Tunisia Coast Areas and Slums - October 24 - November 2, 2017
Our Planet
This event will aid in climate justice advocacy efforts at the national level to raise awareness of climatic impacts in the Global South. Through a series of workshops, participants will discuss national committments of the Paris Agreement, challenges of adaptation and mitigation, and highlight best practices from local populations.


Climate Tracker


Climate Change Journalism Fellowship & Workshop - September 29 – October 2, 2017
Our Planet
Young journalists will participate in an online fellowship where they will receive online capacity building trainings on writing skills, basic climate change science, and climate change journalism. The fellowship will conclude with an intensive 3 day workshop where participants will engage with climate change journalists, scholars, and negotiators to enhance and refine their skills.




Alliance for a Columbia Free of Fracking - August 24 & 25, 2017; October, 2017
Our Planet
This will be the first National Assembly of the “Alliance for a Colombia Free of Fracking”. It will be the primary meeting and articulation space for local and regional organizations in opposition to fracking and for the construction of actions and strategies to defend water and the environment. The Assembly will serve to develop a work plan that includes communication strategies, pedagogy with communities, public advocacy, social mobilization and protection of social leaders.


The Dais Foundation


Education for Sustainable Development: Role of Youth - October 2, 2017
Our Future
This event will focus on capacity building for youth engaged with the Sustainable Development Goals. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with international and local NGOs to discuss strategies geared towards the creation of a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Sri Lanka

Hashtag Generation


Social Media for Social Justice - September 30 & 31, 2017
Our Future
Social media has transformed civic and political spaces by amplifying the voice of citizens and working to hold governments accountable. Through this event, the next generation of social justice activitists will be equipped on how to effectively use social media and new media platforms in their advocacy and activism work.


Green Generation Foundation


Climate March: You have a Print, Make it Green - November 2 - 8, 2017
Our Planet
This climate march will bring together 100-150 NGOs, government agencies, and environmental groups from Amman to Aqaba in a 7-day walk to raise awareness of the climate change conference, COP 23, and to demonstrate that youth in Jordan are engaged to address climate change and to highlight the vulnerable areas in Jordan that are affected by climate change.



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