Programme at a Glance

Date Activity Description
1 Sep - 30 Nov (11) ICSW/local Events ICSW\local aims to broaden engagement with partners in under-represented or marginalised regions, who due to financial and logistical constraints, would not be able to host events in Suva, Fiji. ICSW\local partners will hold ICSW events at the local, national, or regional levels between September and November, in the lead up to ICSW 2017. Representatives from ICSW\local events will then travel to Suva to bring their diverse perspectives into the global conversations in Fiji.
Date Activity Description
14 Nov, (13h00-15h00 GMT) ICSW\VirtualSustaining civic action: towards a global movement for respectful partnership and responsible exit Organised by INTRAC in partnership with ICD UruguayPeace Direct and Y Care International, this free virtual event will explore how the international community can enhance its independence, effectiveness, credibility and sustainability to deliver on its promises to the most vulnerable people.

Join the 2-hour free webinar on 14 November (13h00-15h00 GMT), or join the discussion via the online forum at any time over the three days (14-16 Nov) to share experiences and build momentum to rethink partnership, strengthen capacity for sustainability, and ensure a responsible approach to planning for aid exit. Featured presenters include:
  • Cathal Gilbert, Coordinator of the CIVICUS Monitor
  • Nicole Leotaud, Executive Director of the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI)
  • Jessie Davie, Portfolio Director, Maliasili Initiatives
  • Kathy Reich, Director of BUILD Programme, Ford Foundation
Invited discussants include the Foundation for Civil Society, PRIA, PHASE Nepal, Kepa, CHS Alliance, Peace Direct, United Nations and the Global Fund for Community Foundations
Mon, 4 Dec Activity Description
09:00-17:00 TBC: Experiential Activities Delegates have the opportunity to participant in site visits to plant mangroves, and learn about the significant opportunities mangroves and their ecosystems offer for climate change mitigation.
09:00-17:00 CIVICUS Youth Assembly (open only to delegates 30 and under) In collaboration with diversity of youth organisations, the CIVICUS Youth Assembly 2017 will provide young active citizens and youth with an opportunity to exchange good practice for high-impact civic engagement, fortify collaboration and forge new partnerships, and build strategic and technical capacity for the future generation of activists creating positive change in their communities. The day will feature inspirational speakers, team-building exercises, learning exchanges and ‘activism’.
17:00-20:00 TBC: Opening Ceremony Cultural performances and welcoming addresses by Fijian President George Konrote, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of the South Pacific Professor Rajesh Chandra, with keynote speech by Former President of East Timor José Ramos-Horta.
Tue, 5 Dec Activity Title Description Partner Track
09:00-12:00 Concurrent Events Post-COP23: Analysis and Achievement This dialogue will be a structured ‘talanoa’, or panel session which will frame the work and activities of the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network leading into the new year, as well as support and complement the workshop led by Pacific Islands Development Forum on climate-induced displacement and migration. Pacific Islands Climate Action Network Our Planet
09:00-12:00 Volunteers as First Responders in Times of Crisis "Volunteers as first responders in times of crisis" is the theme for International Volunteer Day 2017. This theme is deeply felt in the Pacific. Volunteers played a crucial role during both emergency and recovery phases of tropical cyclones Winston in Fiji and Pan in Vanuatu. These volunteers represent a diverse base of organisations, including non-governmental organisations, community based organisations, faith based organisations, youth groups, and women’s groups. The National Volunteer Centre of Fiji will use this occasion to ensure all of these actors’ contributions in times of crisis are acknowledged, at the local, national, regional and international level. Fiji National Volunteer Steering Committee Our Planet
09:00-12:00 Innovation Lab: Campaigning to Protect Civic Space This intensive 3-hour Innovation Lab brings together leading campaigners, human rights defenders and participants to share their latest strategies, tactics and tools for advocacy and campaigning in closed or closing civic spaces.The Lab will host two participatory, shared-learning sessions. The first covers technical topics including strategic campaign planning using design thinking, non-violent action, digital storytelling, digital security, data visualisation and opportunities for civil society to engage with the sharing economy. The second looks at trends in thematic areas including working with youth, marginalised communities and on environmental, gender and transparency campaigns. Innovation for Change Our Struggles
09:00-12:00 Together, we SPEAK! – How to give a voice to everyone, everywhere. We face the ultimate crisis/opportunity: never have our voices been more powerful, yet, across the globe, our voices are profoundly threatened. What is the reality of this loss of voice? What are people doing to push back and create change? How can we use campaign strategy and new technology to help shape a better future? This workshop will begin with an interactive panel discussion featuring the 2017 Nelson Mandela-Graça Machel Innovation Award winners. It will be followed by a participatory workshop using latest methodology for creating social change, and rapid-fire presentations on the future of the SPEAK! campaign. CIVICUS/SPEAK Our Struggles
09:00-12:00 Shrinking Space for the Feminist Movement As space for civil society is shrinking worldwide, feminist movements, women human rights defenders and LGBTIQ activists are facing additional layers of restrictions. This workshop explores the manifold intersectional restrictions and possible solutions in societies all over the world where patriarchal norms, lack of political priority, violence and gender-based discrimination by both state and non-state actors are prevalent. Urgent Action Fund in Asia and the Pacific, Haus of Khameleon, FRIDA, DIVA for Equality Fiji, UN Women and CIVICUS Our Struggles
09:00-12:00 Human Rights: Crisis or Transition? Strategies for Reopening Civil Society Space With a crackdown being experienced by human rights organisations around the world, there has been a feeling of crisis within the movement. But is it truly a crisis, or a transition? If the latter, what kinds of reflection and tools are needed to prepare for, and become more effective in this new future? This workshop will explore effective, multidisciplinary and innovative counter strategies to sustainably reopen the closing space of civil society. Dejusticia (Center for Law, Justice and Society) Our Struggles
09:00-12:00 Technology for Good: How to Inspire Donors and Supporters Worldwide to Give and Take Action This Online Fundraising and Social Media Training will inform participants on how to best use digital media to engage supporters and fundraise online. Based on the concept of embracing a comprehensive online fundraising and social media strategy, the training will encourage attendees to launch mobile-compatible and social media-empowered fundraising campaigns to accommodate today’s Internet users. Attendees of this training will gain practical knowledge that they can immediately put into action to implement a 12-month strategy. Public Interest Registry Our Future
09:00-12:00 Rising seas and nuclear issues in the Pacific: A call for global action The Marshall Islands, French Polynesia, and Christmas Island in Kiribati were sites where some 300 nuclear test explosions were conducted between 1946 and 1996 . More than two decades later, Pacific Islanders are still living with the lingering impact this has had in the region, while fighting for compensation and greater recognition of this grave injustice. Displacement, long term radiation-related health problems and food insecurity are just some of the problems this has caused. Rising sea levels caused by climate change and the growing threat of a nuclear war between North Korea and the United States make addressing this situation an even greater priority not just for Micronesia, Polynesia or the Pacific region, but a cause for global solidarity and action. Oxfam Pacific Our Future
09:00-12:00 The Much Maligned Tracks: The Keys to Solve the Ecological Crisis (Genesis 1-2)
The impacts of climate change, and the ecological crisis, have been at the forefront of discussions, research and reporting. This has included the link of these themes to development and economic theories that promote capitalist growth and accumulation of consumer goods. Consequently, societies around the world, including in the Pacific, are becoming increasingly oriented towards an ethos of consumerism. In the Pacific, traditional ecological frameworks that populations have historically relied upon, including knowledge, ethics and practices, have been abandoned. This workshop will discuss how our current social context is a crisis of our abandoned ecological frameworks. Pacific Council of Churches Our Future
09:00-12:00   New ways of cooperation for civil society worldwide Global challenges ask for global solutions. In order to tackle these challenges, more equitable civil society partnerships based on solidarity, trust and a clear division of roles are needed. Research shows that the international development system despite good intentions, creates a situation in civil society actors within the development system, instead of being equal partners often end up in funder-implementer relations. In this workshop we aim to unpack why the development system has this tendency, how this affects civil society actors in both high and low income countries, and we explore ways to do overcome this tendency. Partos Our Future
12:00-14:00 Lunch Lunch at designated venue(s), with additional networking and learning taking place in multiple locations, including demonstrations of alternative approaches to activism, poster session, mentoring opportunities, etc. Join the peer-mentorship opportunity by signing up here:
14:00-17:00 Concurrent Events Fairtrade in the Pacific In this workshop, Fairtrade will highlight the benefits that democratic organisations bring to smallholders, and the way in which good governance translates into higher income and community cohesion. The workshop will highlight the needs of producer organisations, by the producer organisations. Representatives of local and regional governments, the private sector, and support organisations, will be gathered to enable smallholders to have a voice in influencing regional agricultural trade agendas and facilitate access to Fairtrade as a tool for the attainment of SDG targets at the regional level Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand Our Planet
14:00-17:00 Civil Society Service Delivery – Actions for Protecting People and the Planet Two weeks after the annual climate change negotiations (COP23) being chaired by Fiji, this workshop will look at the role of civil society in implementing and monitoring the Paris Climate Change Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. The event will examine the connection between the policy commitments and the programmes helping to achieve these frameworks. The event will showcase practical actions civil society is taking to incorporate the SDGs and Paris Climate Change Agreement into their organisational practices. In addition, participants will work in groups to develop tangible actions that can be adopted to help achieve these universal commitments. Action for Sustainable Development Our Planet
14:00-17:00 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children – Everybody’s Business In this session, we will explore commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC), a billion-dollar business. This workshop will be facilitated by representatives from Pacific NGOs who are involved in fighting this issue. This session includes a participatory component on how individuals can determine the extent CSEC is evident in their regions, and how the work they do can support the fight to protect children. In this session, we will hear from victims of CSEC and unpack how, in this century, the buying and selling of children is increasing worldwide. Issues facing the Pacific region will be collectively discussed. ECPAT International Our Struggles
14:00-17:00 Civic Charter – The Global Framework for People’s Participation: A Campaign Workshop. During this workshop, we will share with participants how the Civic Charter has been used by stakeholders to promote their struggles for civic participation and connect it to the global narrative. We will explore with participants how to intersect their activities with the Civic Charter for added value. International Civil Society Centre Our Struggles
14:00-17:00 Land Rights in Palestine: Between Settlements & Occupation The workshop will feature a documentary that reflects on illegal settlements in Palestine, and lands rights for indigenous populations and ethnic minorities. A panel of three speakers will highlight the issue of land rights, based on an international law and human rights perspective. Innovation for Change Our Struggles
14:00-17:00 Inclusivity and Peace Building – Rights, inclusion and well-being of persons with disabilities; Spreading a Culture of Peace This session is a collaboration between Pacific Regional NGO Alliance (PRNGO) members, Pacific Disability Forum and Pacific Foundation for the Advancement of Women (PACFAW). The session reviews the Pacific disability movement led by Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPOs), the commitments and progress toward disability inclusive development by governments, development partners as well as CSOs from the perspective of persons with disabilities themselves.” The session will share the work of women, youth and religious peace builders from a global network as well as a regional peace education initiative that also works to utilize indigenous conflict restoration strategies. Pacific Disability Forun, Pacific Regional NGO Alliance, Pacific Foundation for the Advancement of Women Our Future
14:00-17:00 #MembershipMatters The workshop will be a peer exchange for member-based organisations, alliances, and movements to share strategies and knowledge on membership topics including member benefits, recruitment and retention, and member databases and communications. Participants will be grouped by member size or structure, and engage in a facilitated discussion on a key membership topic, led by a representative of the Affinity Group of National Associations Membership Working Group. Participants will then share key takeaways in plenary. Affinity Group of National Associations Our Future
14:00-17:00 Women and People Defending the Commons: Why it takes everyone, to change everything! The UNFCCC COP23 Climate Change negotiations to be held from 06-17 November 2017 in Bonn, Germany is a historic moment with Fiji as the Presidency of COP23. It is the first time that a small islands developing state has taken the presidency of the global climate talks. COP23 would have concluded just two weeks prior to the ICSW. This talanoa session at the ICSW would provide us with an opportunity to discuss what was achieved at COP23 and how do we move forward with the implementations. The panel talanoa session would also discuss what we (Governments, civil society, development partners and the citizens of the Pacific and the world) need to do as next steps for the coming year to advance the global climate change agenda. Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality, Pacific Partnerships on Gender, Climate Change and Sustainable Development (PPGCCSD), in collaboration with the We Rise Coalition, Pacific Urgent Action Hub for Climate Justice, PICAN, Pacific Feminist SRHR Coalition, PACCOM, WGC, WMG, and many others Our Future
17:00-20:00 Civil Society Festival The Civil Society Festival will include sports, music and dance performances, poetry slams, film screenings, literary readings, TEDx Suva, etc.
17:30-19:00   Commonwealth Writers Conversation: Island Voices, Global Stories. Gender and Justice. Drawing on the lived experiences of the panel in the Caribbean and Pacific islands, this conversation looks at climate justice and women’s rights, in both patriarchal and matriarchal cultures, and how systems of power are maintained. Another focus is the artist as activist, looking at the potential and use of creative expression to reach a wider audience and to provide alternative narratives, solutions, and inventive strategies to spread the message of climate justice and against gender-based violence. Commonwealth Foundation Our Struggles
19:00-21:00 Volunteering Awards Ceremony Awards ceremony in recognition of International Volunteering Day (by invitation only).
Wed, 6 Dec Activity   Description Partner Track
09:00-12:00 Concurrent Events Climate Induced Displacement In line with the ICSW2017 theme of “Our Planet. Our Struggles. Our Future”, Pacific Islands Development Forum will convene a dialogue of progressive voices from global civil society and Pacific nation-states, aided by expert panellists on the issue of Climate-Induced Displacement and Migration. It is envisaged that an important outcome of this dialogue would be a Declaration which PIDF could present at the CIVICUS World Assembly and later the intergovernmental summit on migration in 2018. Pacific Islands Development Forum Our Planet
09:00-12:00 Empowering Guardians of the Forest: How to Engage Local Communities in Sustainable Conservation Efforts This workshop describes the nexus of environmental policy reforms and local community engagement, focusing on ways environmental projects have involved indigenous peoples and other marginalized populations in conservation efforts. By highlighting the experiences of local organisations in two USAID local environmental projects in the Philippines and Indonesia, this participatory workshop will showcase the innovative tools and approaches employed to engage and empower vulnerable communities to become guardians and advocates of their local environments. Moreover, these organisations will demonstrate how communities have taken ownership of the future of their local environments through sustainable and replicable conservation and policy advocacy models. Center for Conservation Innovations (CCI) and the Kitanglad Guard Volunteers and Kemitraan, the Partnership for Governance Reform Our Planet
09:00-12:00 Environmental Abuses from Mauritania to South Africa The workshop will feature cases of environmental abuses within Africa including Mauritania, Tanzania, Congo and South Africa. The main connection between each case is the exploitation of natural resources by foreign entities through corrupt governmental entities. Innovation for Change Our Planet

Self-Determination and Liberation in the Pacific

This workshop aims to provide a space for delegates to deepen their understanding of the history and the current situation of West Papua. This will include an examination of Dutch colonisation, through to modern Indonesian invasion and occupation, to substantiate the West Papuans’ struggle for self-determination and liberation, and establish the need to support and stand in solidarity. The results of the March 2017 Study Conference on West Papua Self-Determination and Liberation shall be discussed, along with lessons from the experiences and struggles for self-determination of other Island States in the Pacific. International Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation Our Struggles
09:00-12:00 Launch of the Global Standard for CSO Accountability At this workshop, we are officially launching the Global Standard. We will present the framework, share experiences of organisations working with it, and discuss ideas on how your organisation can get involved. The session aims to trigger a discussion around the future of CSO accountability, and how the Global Standard can contribute to a more enabling environment for civil society in times of shrinking civic space. Global Standard for CSO Accountability Our Struggles
09:00-12:00 Launch of the Faces of Inequality Campaign: Join the Movement! Join us to understand the root causes and structural barriers and how to fight inequalities in Asia and the Pacific! CSO experts will share their experiences and best practices towards transformational change at regional and (sub-)national levels. We will create a roadmap for civil society to work to reverse the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, and for greater social protection, gender justice, environmental protection, tax justice, engagement in SDG processes and a healthy global partnership. The aim of the campaign is to reach to the furthest first so that no one is left behind. We welcome new, creative ideas, and especially on how to work with youth groups and social movements. GCAP, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub, PIANGO Our Struggles
09:00-12:00 Insight and Beyond in an Age of Uncertainty We believe strongly in the power and potential of Global Citizenship Education in making a positive contribution to the UN Global Goals, and in developing a stronger, deeper, more informed and enabled civil society sector. Civil society has a responsibility to work with other influential community stakeholders to shed light on how citizen action can make a difference. This workshop will bring together activists, advocates and campaigners from around the world to explore how GCE can add value to their individual and collective efforts, while also exploring how we can work together in developing next steps. The final portion of the workshop will contribute to global advocacy, needed to further our shared agenda. Kehys/ Development Perspectives Our Future
09:00-12:00 Global Exchange – New Approaches to Civil Society Resilience This highly participatory exchange will celebrate civil society resilience, focusing on how individuals and civil society organisations can adjust to their changing realities and effectively work towards positive change within increasingly restrictive environments. A key element of resilience is resourcing: not just financial, but also human and other resources. Workshop participants will explore common resourcing practices, recurrent challenges and possible solutions, and share inspiring examples of resilience and successful activism. CIVICUS Our Future
12:00-14:00 Lunch Lunch at designated venue(s), with additional networking and learning activities taking place in multiple locations, including demonstrations of alternative approaches to activism, poster sessions, mentoring opportunities, etc.
14:00-17:00 Concurrent Events Youth Call for Action to Climate Justice Young campaigners from all around the world will come together to discuss and share their experience advocating for climate justice in their communities. Key themes include: storytelling – the art of climate justice; building solidarity – voice & action; and taking space – breaking boundaries.  These discussions will be used to highlight best practices to inspire and encourage ICSW participants to work for the change we need to protect our planet. ClimateTracker, AntiFracking Alliance of Latin America, Standing Rock  Our Planet
14:00-17:00 Pacific Climate Warriors Have Your Sei Campaign for COP 23 Pacific Climate Warriors will share stories of their experiences with organising around COP 23 in their communities, as well as reflections on their work in Bonn, Germany. They will specifically look at what it means to inspire people at a grassroots level, and how this campaign provided the opportunity to ensure that grassroots voices were represented at COP 23. Pacific Our Planet
14:00-17:00 How can we improve research on civic space? Fake news. Closed spaces. Security threats. The challenges to effective civic space research are many. Join CIVICUS Monitor researchers for an interactive, three-hour workshop as we explore how we can overcome these obstacles and improve our research on civic space. A critical analysis of our current research will see ICSW participants identify weaknesses, gaps and challenges in our current approach and suggest how those can be addressed to improve the quality of monitoring and analysis on civic space. CIVICUS Monitor Our Struggles
14:00-17:00 The Era of the Sharing Economy and Shrinking Civic Space Presented by the LAC Hub, the workshop will feature discussion on the needs for the civil society sector to adapt to the era of the sharing economy, to take advantage of the numerous untapped resources, to address the lack of solidarity among civil society organisations, and to counter the efforts of restrictive government blocking access to funding. The LAC Hub will share its learnings from developing Communidas, a sharing economy platform, where the civil society sector, the private sector, the public sector, and academia come together to exchange products and services. Innovation for Change Our Struggles
14:00-17:00 Towards Accountable and Transparent Niger Delta Institutions: The Citizen Report Card Approach The African Network for Environment and Economic Justice, working with a USAID civil society project, has employed the citizen report card tool to engage Niger Delta institutions at national and sub-national levels. Through this tool, ANEEJ has helped to improve transparency while mitigating years of social injustice by ensuring that institutions deliver on their mandates. ANEEJ will share key successes, challenges, and opportunities in deepening inclusive, transparent, and accountable governance in the Niger Delta. The event will also focus on the next stage of this work – developing a governance index for states and regional institutions in the Niger Delta. Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice Our Struggles
14:00-17:00 The private sector: challenges and opportunities for engagement This workshop will examine where the private sector has pushed back on restrictions to civic space; especially on issues that are usually controversial and difficult for civil society to act alone on, such as LGBTI rights, land rights and environmental rights. Using case studies where the private sector has effectively engaged in the promotion of human rights, the event will highlight good practice elements. The event will also assess the benefit of an enabling environment for the private sector to determine lessons, and discuss tools for the successful engagement of the private sector in opening up civic space. Article 19, International Centre for Not-for-Profit Law, CIVICUS Our Future
14:00-17:00   Speaking Back to History: The legacy of indenture The panel will explore how the legacy of indenture plays out in countries across the Commonwealth - how indenture has impacted on political and social stability, the balance of power, and on language and culture; how the system of indenture still impacts countries and communities today, both in terms of human trafficking, workers being transported across the globe to work for little money and few rights, to systematic discrimination and continuing poverty.The panel will also reflect on why are stories of indenture are not being told – the ‘silence’ and whether reclaiming the narrative can contribute to fairer, societies. Commonwealth Foundation Our Struggles
14:00-17:00   How mobile phones can help us address the challenges of tomorrow The strength of future generations depends on technology. Good and responsible use of technology can maximise information dissemination, help us reach larger and remote populace, enhance the capacity of civil society and connect homes. This workshop will share models and statistics of programmes where Vodafone, together with civil society organizations, managed to address some of the contemporary environmental and social issues in Fijian communities by using multi-dimensional methods and approaches. The workshop will also give an insight into how Vodafone has developed their methods for information sharing through mobile phone technology. Vodafone Foundation Our Future
14:00-17:00   Intergenerational Dialogue on Indigenous Approaches to Environmental Stewardship Indigenous peoples observations and experiences of natural ecosystems have long been key to their ability to adapt and remain resilient in the face of environmental and climatic change. However, major shifts in global socio-economic and political systems have threatened much of what indigenous communities can contribute to in protecting the planet for future generations. Or has it? This workshop will provide an insight into how groups of educated young and professional Pacific Islanders utilize traditional social systems to mobilise, organize and make an impact in policy level discussions on environmental conservation, even in closed civic spaces. Pacific Youth Council, Bua Urban Youth Network (BUY Network) Our Planet
17:00-20:00 Civil Society Festival Sports, music and dance performances, poetry slams, film screenings, literary readings, TEDx Suva, etc.
17:30-19:00   Commonwealth Writers Conversation: Island Voices, Global Stories. I Am This: The Politics of Identity This conversation will reflect on issues of identity, belonging, dislocation, cultural preservation and heritage, gender identity and roles. It will look at questions of identity for indigenous communities in the process of change in a globalised world. Exploring the question of multiple identities, both how people perceive themselves and how they are perceived, the panel will draw on their own personal identities and journeys. Commonwealth Foundation  Our Struggles
19:00-21:00 CIVICUS / PIANGO Members Mixer Networking event for CIVICUS and PIANGO voting members at Fiji Museum (by invitation only)
Thu, 7 Dec Activity Description
09:00-17:00 CIVICUS World Assembly The CIVICUS World Assembly is the flagship event of the week and will bring delegates together to celebrate the power of citizen action to realise a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. The event will feature high-level speakers, the Nelson Mandela-Graça Machel Innovation Awards, a climate theatre production, and interactive opportunities for event participation.
17:00-19:00 Farewell reception “Islands Night” with drinks, music and dancing hosted by Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
Fri, 8 Dec Activity Description
09:00-17:00 Closed Side Events “By invitation only” events for specific constituency groups


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