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  • Action for Sustainable Development

    Action for Sustainable Development

    During the course of 2015, our leaders and governments committed themselves to several agreements that have the potential to shape the future of people and planet over the next few decades. While there are mixed views in civil society about whether the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on climate change are ambitious enough, almost everyone agrees that civil society needs to play an active role in keeping the spotlight on these commitments, working on implementation, and holding our leaders to account for the promises they have made.

    To help in these efforts, the Action for Sustainable Development Platform has been established to identify, empower and mobilise the relevant sub-sectors of civil society to implement and monitor the global commitments. The international platform is composed of the four following workstreams:

    • Policy & Advocacy
    • Monitoring & Accountability
    • Innovative solutions
    • Public mobilisation

    If you would like to learn more and to get involved with Action4SD, please go to

  • Sustainable development for all ages

    By Danny Sriskandarajah

    It’s a global phenomenon, already exerting a profound social and economic impact in both rich and poor countries. So why are so few development professionals talking about population aging? Our planet’s rapidly shifting demography has profound implications for our development plans, yet the two issues seem to be linked consistently only by those specialist organizations that have a particular focus on aging. This needs to change. If our post-2015 development framework is to be effective and legitimate, evolving population dynamics will need to be taken into account across the board.

    Read more: AARP International: The Journal



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