CIVICUS is a global alliance of civil society organisations and activists dedicated to defending and strengthening citizen action and civic space around the world. We strive to promote marginalised voices, especially from the Global South, and have more than 3900 members in more than 175 countries throughout the world. We work for civil society, protecting and growing `civic space’, by which we mean: the freedoms of expression, association and assembly - the fundamental freedoms on which rest peoples’, citizens’ and organisations’ right to speak out, organise and take action.

As part of our work to strengthen civil society around the globe, and in response to capacity strengthening requests identified by our members, CIVICUS is seeking to:

1.    Develop and implement a learning outcomes based digital communication course, focused on websites and related digital media. This will include a brief assessment to ensure clarity of the role digital communications can play as part of a member organisation's wider comms strategy, and the potential uses of websites, digital media and related tools. The course will be piloted with selected member organisations.

2.    Based on the above mentioned course materials, with additional content,  refresh our approach to toolkit development, to create a fresh, interactive toolbox around digital communication, that can be used  as a template for a range of informative, practical civil society toolboxes. 

As these two activities will happen almost simultaneously, small teams and partnering consultants are encouraged.

Scope and Goal

The overall goal of the consultancy is to work together to enhance our capacity strengthening work with civil society. It is envisioned that this will include the following two components.

Component 1: Digital communications (web-based) short course/ toolbox materials

In collaboration with key CIVICUS  team members, lead the production and implementation of a 3 - 4 month digital communications course, designed to work with a selected group of civil society organisations to develop their online presence, including establishing a website. It is envisaged that this course will take place through a series of documents to read, webinars, podcasts, exercises and questionnaires. Proposed modules include: developing your online strategy; getting your website up and running; technical tools, creating digital content; using social media effectively.

We envisage that this will require the following, but are open to proposals.

  • Review existing CIVICUS toolkits to draw on existing content available (including
  • Content available within our membership base).
  • Review existing civil society and other sector digital communications toolkits, courses and identify best practices, existing content, and potential partnerships.
  • Draft outline for a learning outcomes based digital communication course, with M&E component so that feedback can be added to end product toolbox.
  • Draft outline for the practical course, including materials list.
  • Draft and compile the digital communication course, to pilot with selected group of organisations. (CIVICUS teams are available to play a supporting role).

Component 2: Digital Communications toolbox 

Based on the above mentioned course materials, develop a digital communications toolbox designed to enhance self-learning of other civil society organisations.  The toolbox should be built on the web focused course, with additional digital communications material to provide a well-rounded toolbox. The toolbox will also serve as a model format for future toolboxes and we will aim to receive feedback from participants to input on design of future toolboxes.

CIVICUS has been reviewing its broad range of existing toolkits/ tool boxes, to identify good practices. The consultant will provide specialist advice to guide a standardised format that is: 

  • Interactive, engaging, and practical, to impart useful, real-world knowledge and skills.
  • Suitable for self-learning, with easy adaptation into a short course.
  • Uses appropriate technologies
  • Brings together the best of existing resources, especially from our members.

We envisage that this will require the following, but are open to proposals.

  • Review of CIVICUS toolkits to date, examples of what we consider good practice, and guiding documents, along with review of other toolkit links we provide to find new tools to integrate)
  • Through meeting or written feedback, highlight recommendations and propose a format/ approach, using innovative and rounded approaches.
  • Draft compile the digital communications toolbox in this format.

Timeline and Budget

Please note that the toolbox creation should be completed by the end of June, and the digital course may wrap up in July. 

Please provide an extensive budget in your proposal. Please note that value for money will be a criteria for selection.

Proposals should include:

  • Outline of approach to the assignment, including timeline
  • Budget/ cost estimated including ALL costs, including VAT if applicable.
  • CV and samples of similar assignments (demonstration of work on website creation and use of digital tools), with demonstrated familiarity working with civil society.

Small teams and partnering consultants are welcome, and will be expected to work collaboratively.  Please indicate if you are applying as a team or applying for one of the two components on your application.

Send your proposal before March 6th to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You may also contact us at that same email address for any question or query. 



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