Resilient Roots Initiative – A guide and how to close the Feedback Loop

Resilient Roots Initiative – A guide and how to close the Feedback Loop

Resilient Roots produced a detailed short guide outlining the methodology the initiative is following to measure accountability and track changes over time with the participating pilot project organisations. The guide also includes some key considerations for any organisation interested in setting up their own mechanisms for measuring accountability.

Furthermore, collecting feedback from the communities we work with is an important part of becoming more accountable, but for this process to be meaningful we have to “close the feedback loop”! Therefore Resilient Roots made a video with practical tips and examples for how to close the feedback loop with your constituents!

You can access the guide here and watch Resilient Root’s latest animation here.

The Resilient Roots initiative tests whether organisations who are more accountable and responsive to their primary constituents, are more resilient against external threats. CIVICUS believes that organisations which are closer to their constituents will be able to rely upon these groups to come to their defence, bridge resourcing gaps, and safeguard their long-term sustainability when it is under political or structural attack.

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