Welcome to DataShift’s Survey Methods! You’re here because you are an activist. A change maker. A visionary. You are here because you believe that you can make a positive impact in your community. We are excited to work with you over the next two weeks as we explore how we can achieve our goals using data to support decision-making, planning, and ultimately, action.

Within our limited time together, we are going to be exploring how data, and specifically surveys, can lead to action within the scope of your organization. The concepts covered during this intensive course span from technical skills to soft skills to give you the tools you need to be effective in your quest to mainstream data use within your team.

During the next two weeks, you will:

  • Create appropriate SMART objectives to guide programme activities;
  • Design an actionable, relevant survey that contributes to achieving your research objectives; and
  • Understand how data can be utilised for action, specifically for making evidence-based, informed decisions.

Our goal is to guide you through the initial phases of conceptualizing a survey through the development and piloting of a final survey questionnaire. The survey will be related to the work described in your course application. It our expectation that this survey will then be used to collect data related to your proposed objectives.