Accountability Workshop, Istanbul

This initial convening brought together a broad group of national campaigners, accountability organisations, practitioners, and policy makers for a two-day consultation on how to promote people-powered accountability in the post-2015 agenda and beyond. While the general aim was to understand the potential and limitations of technology in this area, the more specific goal was to gauge the perceived and practical validity of the “Coverage, Comparability, Campaigning” process. This initial feedback opportunity highlighted

  • the need for constant, consistent links between tech and development. Building in-house capacity to make effective use of technological tools in citizen-led data collection and monitoring was particularly emphasized.
  • the requirement of data standardization and consistent statistical validity for cross-national comparability.
  • additional challenges around the use of qualitative data and perception indicators in harmonization.
  • the power of effective vertical feedback loops in connecting high-level policy making efforts and grassroots accountability organisations

Click here for CIVICUS Secretary General Danny Sriskandarajah’s thoughts following the event.