Corruption Comparability Workshop

The follow-up workshop to the 2 March, 2014 Data Expedition convened a group of technologists and data management experts to closely examine some of the comparability potentials, limitations, and issues which surfaced during the Expedition. Specifically, the discussion revolved around how CIVICUS and the DataShift project would be best placed in creating a more ideal comparability culture in citizen-led data. Suggestions included:

  • Using CIVICUS’ extensive civil society network to convene CSO forums to challenge official monitoring metrics and create people-powered alternatives
  • Supporting existing and new citizen reporting efforts by enabling access to resources, both financial and expert human capital
  • Strengthening and creating partnerships between organisations, overlapping data collection and analysis [efforts] (within and among SDG thematic areas), as well as linking citizen reporting and campaigning efforts around the globe
  • Developing methodology for data gathering manuals and investigation models to share best practices and create consistency among national data generators and users; this would allow for global comparability while ensuring that the national context is not ignored