DataShift Strategic Planning Retreat

This two day event, held from 22-23 October 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya, brought together around 25 experts and organisations working on data and development, to help further clarify the purpose and objectives of the DataShift; begin mapping the global ‘ecosystem’ of data and development actors, initiatives and methodologies; explore options and priorities for implementing the five DataShift project streams; and build relationships with potential new partners.

Key lessons from the retreat:

  • There is an incredibly rich existing pool of data-related expertise and resources that the DataShift must tap into.
  • Given this rich pool of expertise and resources, the DataShift should primarily focus on increasing awareness of and accessibility to these existing initiatives and resources.
  • A DataShift theory of change should be developed to clearly articulate the objectives and change path of the initiative.  A draft of the theory of change should be shared with  strategic partners and other stakeholders for their input.
  • Further consultations are required with civil society organisations (CSOs) in pilot countries to determine their strengths, challenges and priorities, prior to the development of ‘demand-driven’ project streams.
  • A clear partnership framework needs to be developed to ensure clarity and coherence around the roles of different organisations in the design and implementation of the DataShift.

Full summary notes from the retreat are available here.