Seeking Feedback on the DataShift Theory of Change!

A key piece of advice and feedback received in consultations on the DataShift throughout 2014 was to develop a Theory of Change.

The DataShift team have put our heads together to draft a Theory of Change.  Our objective with the Theory of Change is to clearly outline the change path that connects the activities we implement with the changes we want to support and the outcomes, objective and vision we want to achieve.

You can find a pdf version of the DataShift Theory of Change, with a diagram, here.

We welcome your comments and feedback! Does it make sense? Are we articulating the change path clearly enough? Are we being upfront and honest about assumptions and risks?

Please circulate as widely as possible.  Feedback can be provided by email to or be inserted directly in to a google doc (no diagram) that can be found here.

Many thanks to those who have provided input on the DataShift so far, as well to those who provided resources and advice on putting together a Theory of Change.