Tanzania Data Roadmap for Sustainable Development National Workshop, 12-13 August 2016

Starting today the National Bureau of Statistics – Tanzania in partnership with the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) will convene the Data Roadmap for Sustainable Development National Workshop in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

The workshop brings together representatives of major stakeholder groups, to start working more closely toward sustainable development goals (SDG) monitoring. It also presents a good opportunity to showcase the ongoing work by civil society organisations (CSOs) in Tanzania, and provides a platform for networking with regional and global players working on data revolution for SDGs.

Key objectives of the workshop are to:

  1. Create awareness among Tanzanians (including; key government officials, CSO and private sector) about SDGs and the roles different parties can play.
  2. Cover the SDG indicators with the 5-year development plan (2016/17-2020/21) indicators, to establish concurrent monitoring for both programming tools. This will align national priorities and Vision 2025 plans with the 2030 SDG goals.
  3. Localise SDGs in the national five-year development plans, such that plans may be aligned at the sub-national level to execute Vision 2025.
  4. Understanding and mapping of the data ecosystem, including; capacity and budget aspects, and possible sources of support.
  5. Define early wins, short and medium term actions and deliverables for moving the data roadmap process forward so that it contributes to achieving and monitoring progress on sustainable development.

On the second day of the workshop (Saturday 13th August), DataShift will be facilitating two break-out workshops on specific data areas highlighting data gaps and early wins. These will be; 1) On SDG 5 (Gender Data workshop) jointly with the Tanzania Gender Network Programme (TGNP), and 2) the second session on the Data Revolution in action, focusing on Citizen-generated data; in the morning and afternoon respectively.

The workshops pose a great opportunity for organisations to share their story and experience in revolutionising the use of data in tracking gender related issues in Tanzania; including through citizen-generated data and the use of technology, such as mobile phone technology.

CIVICUS World Alliance is an anchor member of the GPSDD. Read more about the partnership on http://data4sdgs.org/.

For more information visit http://civicus.org/

Please follow @DavisAdieno on Twitter for updates during the workshop.

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