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The Crisis Response Fund in Belarus

What is the situation?

Belarus is the most repressive country in Europe, closely aligned with other regional authoritarian regimes. On the night of its national election on 19 December 2010, over 700 people were detained and held in custody for 10-15 days, and 42 were subsequently charged with inciting mass riots against the incumbent political regime.

The clampdown on peaceful protesters on election night is illustrative of the narrow operational space for civil society and the danger to civil society organisations and human rights defenders in Belarus.

How will the Crisis Response Fund for Belarus make a difference?

The Committee of International Control over the Human Rights situation in Belarus has set up the International Observational Mission, establishing a direct and continuous presence in Minsk to support civil society in Belarus.

The CIVICUS Crisis Response Fund will support the International Observational Mission in Minsk to:

  • monitor and document human rights violations
  • inform UN Special Rapporteurs, the Human Rights sub-committee of the European Parliament and other international organisations of human rights issues
  • consult with and support local human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers
  • form mutual support networks for human rights defenders throughout the region

The committee has also launched a public investigation into the events of election night by appointing a Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Belarus.

How you can help:

Donate now

Examples of how your donation will make a difference:

$ 1000:    convene a roundtable of civil society for national lobbying efforts to repeal restrictive legislation
$  250:     secure accommodation for a civil society activist on an international advocacy mission
$  100:     fund one week of an organisation’s monitoring and research on national threats against civil society
$    50:     provide a civil society activist with a mobile phone 
$    20:     enable a civil society activist’s access to the internet and email for one month

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