Youth Assembly

International Civil Society Week 2019
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What is CIVICUS Youth Assembly?

The ICSW Youth Assembly is a leading international networking forum and meeting for young people and young civil society to engage with international peers, examining and taking action on some of the critical challenges facing civil society. The Youth Assembly also acts as a preparatory space that enables young delegates to make an impact during International Civil Society Week (ICSW).

The programme of the Youth Assembly is semi-structured, open for delegates to self-organise conversations on key topics of their interest around the ICSW programme tracks, participate in team-building activities, lead arts and outdoor activities and have intercultural exchanges. All Youth Assembly delegates will attend the International Civil Society Week, April 8th - 12th, 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Gathering in Novi Sad, European Youth Capital 2019

The upcoming Youth Assembly will take place in Novi Sad on 6 and 7 April 2019 at the Hotel Norcev. The Youth Assembly is being hosted in Novi Sad to promote the city as the European Youth Capital 2019.

The Youth Assembly strives for increased youth participation in civil society and decision-making, and being hosted in 2019 European Youth Capital, engaging with local and regional youth initiatives will be a good learning opportunity for the participants of the Youth Assembly.

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