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April 20, 2018

Through Arts and Imagination: 2018 Youth Day Celebration - in search of silenced voices

Youth Arts Contest Seeks Out Silenced Voices to Reimagine Democracy Johannesburg, 18 April 2018 - What kind of country would South Africa be today…
April 19, 2018

European States and US must take measures to protect Egyptian human rights defenders, both home…

The undersigned civil society organisations express their outrage at the latest death threats targeting the Director of Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS),…
April 18, 2018

Somaliland poet’s three-year prison sentence a shameful attack on free expression

The three-year conviction of Somaliland poet and peace activist Nacima Abwaan Qorane this week highlights the increasingly repressive environment in Somaliland for peaceful expression,…
April 17, 2018

Syria’s CSO sector and population buckle under humanitarian crisis

Following the chemical attack in Syria and the subsequent airstrikes on Syria by the United States, United Kingdom and France, CIVICUS interviews a representative…
April 06, 2018

Vietnamese activists jailed after sham trial

in News

The sentencing of the six activists yesterday for peacefully expressing their opinions, illustrates the Vietnam authorities’ utter contempt for freedom of expression, said global…
April 05, 2018

CIVICUS UN Universal Periodic Review submissions on civil society space

in Geneva

CIVICUS and its partners have submitted joint and stand-alone UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR) submissions on eight countries to the UN Human Rights Council…


The Commonwealth's 2.4 billion citizens — what are their rights?

By Cathal Gilbert and Trinanjan Radhakrishnan There has been a lot of talk of shared values ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), due to be held in London from 16th to 20th April.…

Civil Society, Resolute Resistance and Renewed Purpose

By Mandeep Tiwana Each year, CIVICUS publishes the State of Civil Society Report, which chronicles major global developments and key trends impacting civil society. The report draws from interviews with civil society leaders at the forefront…

International NGOs should ensure women are at the centre of daily operations

By Mouna Ben Garga (CIVICUS) and Ngozi Izuora (Innovation for Change- Hub Afrique) Many states are known for their strategy to exploit women’s rights for political purposes. But, the international community practices are not that different either–not…

The aid sector must enforce standards, rebuild trust to survive abuse scandals

By Anabel Cruz, Chair of the Board of CIVICUS Critics are using the recent scandals to delegitimise aid and humanitarian efforts. We, in civil society, must all be prepared to have this debate - seriously and…

Decisive leadership needed from SADC to address DRC crisis

By David Kode The announcement of a date for general elections in a country roiled in political conflict and ruled by an unpopular leader should be regarded as a positive move. But not so in the…

Russia’s presidential election: a decline in citizen rights

By Natalia Taubina and Bobbie Jo Traut The re-election of Vladimir Putin has been preceded by a significant crackdown on freedom of assembly and rule of law. The CIVICUS Monitor, which tracks and rates civil society conditions…


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