Code Of Conduct

It is important for all members to read and understand the Code of Conduct before joining CIVICUS.

The requirements below are intended to safeguard CIVICUS’ independence and positions, but also to protect CIVICUS members from being fully associated with the alliance general statements.

In order to function most effectively as a global alliance, the members of CIVICUS agree to adhere to the following requirements:

1. Members will conduct themselves in an ethical, responsible and respectable manner. They will not engage in or write offensive material on behalf of CIVICUS, or in any aspect of their work. In case such a situation occurs, CIVICUS Secretariat shall immediately terminate their membership.

2. Members do not represent CIVICUS. members will not act as official representatives, nor speak on behalf of or in the name of CIVICUS unless otherwise stipulated in writing by CIVICUS Secretariat. This condition seeks to keep CIVICUS positions and messages consistent and effective and might protect individuals from harassment and reprisals.

CIVICUS Secretariat is responsible for maintaining this Code of Conduct.

Questions can be directed to: