The gender and social inclusion toolkit


Civil society has the potential to have a positive impact on social exclusion and gender equality, this is why this toolkit has been designed to be a practical resource that can be used when designing activities, programs as well as being an input to more complex planning processes, such as a strategic plan. It can also be used as a quick reference guide with key definitions and concepts available, as well as a range of resources available on working with marginalized groups.

The overall objectives of the toolkit are:

  • To introduce the concept of gender & social inclusion and the importance of reaching key marginalized groups who are excluded from civil society and civil/political life more broadly.
  • To provide a comprehensive tool to guides Hubs in undertaking a gender and social inclusion analysis and integrating GSI considerations into the programmatic cycle.
  • To consider the long-term institutional requirements for embedding gender and social inclusion, through a self-assessment tool.

What’s in the tool

The toolkit is divided in 4 sections; the first one tries to help us better understand social inclusion and its dimensions and multiple manifestations.  Section 2 focuses on some historically excluded key groups and current global trends around their exclusion. This is followed by an exercise that CSOs can undertake to contextualize to their own contexts, considering what are

the unique cultural-political-social trends that shape their experiences. There is a comprehensive guide to undertake a gender and social inclusion analysis in section 3; readers can follow each step to undertake the analysis and the information and knowledge they gather in the process, will constitute a baseline that CSOs can return to when they plan future programs etc. The final section introduces a range of strategies and priorities for embedding gender and social inclusion (GSI) into organizational culture.

Overall, a very interactive tool full of case studies, tips and activities to explore with your CSO peers.


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