Facilitation Toolkit


This tool was produced to help guide the conversations that took place under the CIVICUS Youth Assembly at the International Civil Society Week. Beyond this specific context, the toolkit can help guide and facilitate any conversation and group dynamic that wants to foster connections, learning and celebrations of experiences of civil society actors during gatherings.

What’s in the tool

These guidelines will help you achieve the following goals when facilitating a group discussion and engagement:

  • Create an open, safe and inclusive environment
  • Keep discussion focused
  • Provide opportunities for all voices to be heard.
  • Respect your audience knowledge
  • Leave participants feeling challenged
  • Encourage follow-up or action

It focuses on how to practice active listening, promote active participation, deal with conflict and disruption, and set up the basis for an effective closure. A final checklist will help you double check if all the necessary elements have been taken into consideration to ensure a satisfactory facilitation.


Download in English