Campaigning Toolkit for Civil Society Organisations engaged in the Millennium Development Goals


The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) form an ambitious agenda for reducing poverty and improving lives. World leaders formulated the MDGs at the United Nations Millennium Summit in September 2000. Each goal contains one or more targets to be reached by 2015, and each country has to set realistic, time-bound and measurable national development goals in line with these targets.

This manual aims to assist civil society in campaigning for the Millennium Development Goals.

Although it is governments who are responsible for achieving these goals, civil society organisations need to hold government to account. Whether your organisation is locally, nationally or regionally-focused, the opportunity exists to link your efforts with the MDG Campaign at all levels.

What’s in the tool

This toolkit contains:

  • Basic information on the Millennium Development Goal Campaign
  • A guide to planning a campaign
  • Some essential campaign tools
  • Campaign skills
  • Case studies on MDG campaigns that have been run around the world
  • Practical hints and tips
  • Links to UN support and to other people with similar aims


Download in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese