Spotlight on the Civil Society Index - 24 Country Reports complete

Civil society has been defined as the space between state, private sector and family or community. Today, we are witnessing what we could call a phase transition in the make-up of civil society space worldwide. Traditional boundaries between the state and the private sector have been blurred.

CIVICUS released over 15 Civil Society Index country reports this week, bringing the total number of country reports now available to 24. The reports from countries from around the world, including Chile, Russia, Zambia and Japan, are available on the CIVICUS website, with summaries of the highlights on the CSI blog.

Also marking this occasion, Netsanet Demissie Belay, Director, Policy and Research for CIVICUS will be a guest speaker at a seminar and workshop entitled "Concept, Relevance and Use of the Civil Society Index" coming up on April 7 in Madurodam, The Hague. Learn more about the event.