2017 marks the end of the current term for some of CIVICUS’s Board members and the election process for the new board members is now officially open. This is an important and timely opportunity for all our members, partners, friends and colleagues to take part in the governance of the alliance and overseeing the implementation of our new set of Strategic Priorities.

We are now searching for 5 committed, diverse and passionate civil society leaders to join 8 of the current board members in helping to steer and govern the alliance from January 2018 to June 2019.

As per the decision taken by the CIVICUS Board in 2015, a staggered rotational board election system was introduced so that half of the Board of Directors’ positions would be up for election every 18 months for a 3-year term. The aim of this staggered rotation is to ensure continuity on the board and in our decision-making processes. In order to ensure that this transition happens, current Board members Joanna Kerr, Anne Firth Murray, Pauline Wanja Kamua and Elisa Peter have volunteered to step down in December 2017.


  • The call for nominations is open from Monday 19 June 2017 until Wednesday 9 August 2017. To be eligible to nominate someone or be nominated as a candidate, you or your organisation must be a current CIVICUS voting member.
  • The call for nominations will be sent to our current voting members and all newest members via an email until the call ends.
  • During the month of August, a pre-selection will be done by a nominations committee.
  • A list of 12 candidates will be sent for selection to our voting members during the month of September and the vote will remain open until end of October.
  • The new Board members will be announced in December 2017.


Individuals, social movements and organisations can join the CIVICUS alliance as long as they adhere to CIVICUS’ mission, vision and values of justice and equality, reciprocity, knowledge, vision and principled courage. Members must be from civil society and strive to strengthening civil society around the world.

To join the alliance as a voting member, you need to:

  • fill in the online form, 
  • be verified based on our membership policy by sending proofs of existence*, activities and commitment to protecting and promoting civic space and active citizen participation, and
  • pay a membership fee based on your category or ask for a fee-waiver**.

For any questions, please contact our membership team, at .


A) Documents required from activists/individuals

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Provide 3 references (email addresses or directly reference letters).

B) Documents required from formally registered organisation

1. Copy of certificate of registration issued by a government authority as a proof of the non-profit and/or tax-exempt status of the organisation

2. Official documents detailing the mandate and scope of the organisation, such as the latest annual report, the approved statute of establishment, charter or constitution of the association, or any other official document that explains the organisation’s purpose, aims and initiatives

3. Financials, one of the following:

  • Last 2 years audited financial statements
  • Last 2 years’ annual tax reports or equivalent government lodgements
  • History of grants received with reports of distribution and financial expenditure (no detail to be more than five years old)

4. References, one of the following:

  • Reference from an international NGO or UN agency
  • Reference from local government leader
  • Reference from another membership entity or network (if any) that the applicant belongs to
  • List of board members with full contact details for each member

5. Only in the case where the applicant is a network or membership entity, please provide a short description of the membership system, indicating the total number of members, the type and their geographical distribution.

C) Documents required from informal organisations:

1. A profile and or brief organisational history of organisation, society or movement;

2. Media clippings, and/or the movement’s manifesto

3. Financials, one of the following: 

  • List of grants or other income received in the last year
  • Copy of latest annual budget available
  • Bank statements of the last three months

4. References, one of the following:

  • Reference from a peer organisation, International NGO or UN agency
  • Reference from local government or traditional leader
  • Reference from the membership entity or network (if any) that the applicant belongs to.
  • List of board members or Senior Management with full contact information for each person

CIVICUS recognises that smaller, under-resourced organisations are keen to support our work, but may be unable to pay the required membership fees. Fee waivers are granted on the basis of a cover letter and commitment to be active in the alliance.