CIVICUS wants the voice of youth to count in the ICPD Beyond 2014 Global Youth Forum! Participate as a virtual delegate and/or through a local meetup with other engaged youth!!

The Global Youth Forum, held from 4-6 December in Bali, Indonesia, is a joint effort of the UN, NGOs, young people and the private sector to give young people a stronger voice in the ICPD2014 Operational Review process. Over 900 youth delegates will attend and develop recommendations to address five pressing issues. All recommendations will in turn feed directly into the designing of the future development goals.
As a member of the International Steering Committee, CIVICUS will attend the Global Youth Forum in Bali through its youth focal point, Natalie Akstein. She will be actively participating in the discussions, and reporting back through blogs and social media. However, we also want to make sure that the voice of our youth members and partners who cannot participate in Bali are heard throughout the Forum, via online and offline activities!


By registering as a virtual delegate now you can join the online conversation immediately! From 4-6th December you will be able to follow the conference presentations online and contribute directly using web, mobile, and social media to submit your recommendations on the Forum’s themes. A team of moderators will ensure that the recommendations from virtual delegates are heard bringing your views into the heart of the debate. As an official delegate, your name and the country you are from will be included in a report to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Over a 1000 delegates have already registered, make your voice count as well!! Register here.

Additionally, Some UNFPA country offices, UN agencies and youth organisations will hold their own national and local events on Global Youth Forum topics. The recommendations from these events will also be fed into the Forum in Bali. For a list of local meetups in cities around the world, go to this page. You may also contact your national UNFPA office to find out if an event has been planned in your country.
For any queries on the Global Youth Forum please contact Natalie Akstein at .




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