Towards New Social Contracts: using dialogue processes to promote social change

TowardsNew-SocialContractsCover250This toolkit is designed to stimulate a reflection around the potential and limits of multi-stakeholder processes in promoting socio-political change, and provides practical tools and resources to facilitate the use of dialogue processes in new ways.

The proposed methodology is based on the direct observation of several local dialogue processes initiated by civil society around crucial challenges experienced in their communities. It takes stock of the useful and sometimes unusual perspectives of local stakeholders around challenges, trends and innovations on how citizens collectively engage in the decisions that affect their lives. 

You can download the Toolkit as pdf from the links below:

This toolkit is primarily intended for civil society, particularly small organisations operating at local level, and seeks to add a civil society perspective to the already existing literature around multi- stakeholder initiatives. However the guidance provided could be equally useful to other actors wishing to work with civil society through multi-sector dialogue processes.


Motivates for the need to find new ways of working to affect sociopolitical change, and highlights both the opportunities and challenges of doing so.

Part 2: GET SET!

Provides methodological guidance on how to set up a multi-stakeholder dialogue process. It is not meant to be a step-by-step guide but rather a presentation of reflections, tips, tools and lessons learnt that will need to be adapted to each particular context.

Part 3: GO!

Provides methodological and practical guidance on how to run the dialogue in a participatory and inclusive manner. 


Compiles a useful list of resources for further reflection as well as essential tools for action.


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