Resources for civil society in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

Defending civil society, democratic rights, and our fundamental freedoms can be challenging, let alone having to do it while under “lockdown” practicing social distancing in the midst of a global health crisis spreading rapidly across the world. In times like these, solidarity and social compassion play the most important role. To help connect and inform the alliance and civil society during this time, we will be collecting information, resources, and support to share. 

We will be updating this page as this crisis unfolds and as new information is shared. You can also contribute with useful information by contacting us at:


Civil society and human rights analyses:

Donor messages:

Civil Society statements and messages

Amnesty International

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network


Council on Foundations

Fireflight Foundation Fireflight Foundation

Harvard Kennedy School

Red Argentina de Cooperacion Internacional (RACI)
Salam for Democracy and Human Rights The People's Assembly The World Organisation Against Torture The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights



Now that we all have to be physically distant and isolated from each other, our daily routine will have to change. These resources offer tips and guidance on dealing with isolation, working from home and carrying on our fight for civil society while practicing social distancing. 

working from home 

Working from home? Some resources to help you:

Civil society and online activism:

Do you need help in shifting your campaigns and movements to the online world? 350 Org are giving you the chance to ask a digital organiser to help you!


In the midst of this pandemic, it is very easy to find ourselves face to 'fake news' and disinformation about the virus. Open Democracy has shared this quiz that will help you spot common Coronavirus disinformation circulating on the internet.