Cambodian Center for Human Rights

CCHRCambodian Center for Human Rights is a leading non-aligned, independent, non-governmental organization that works to promote and protect democracy and respect for human rights – primarily civil and political rights - in Cambodia. We empower civil society to claim its rights and drive change; and through detailed research and analysis we develop innovative policy, and advocate for its implementation.

CCHR has worked on some of most pressing human rights concerns currently affecting Cambodia, such as land rights and human rights defenders. CCHR currently runs six main projects: Protecting Fundamental Freedoms Project, Business and Human Rights Project, Human Rights Portal – Sithi Project, Land Reform Project, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Project, and Judicial Reform Project.

Protecting Fundamental Freedoms Project (PFF): The PFF Project seeks to address ongoing limitations of fundamental freedoms – freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and freedom of expression - experienced in the Kingdom of Cambodia, especially by human rights defenders, union leaders, community/online/political activists and peaceful protestors. The Project works to improve the environment for individuals reporting on or working to address violations of human rights, by mitigating circumstances in which legal instruments are used to violate fundamental freedoms; to increase the evidence-base of fundamental freedoms violations in order to engage decision-makers in judicial and legal reform; and to increase public demand for the realization of fundamental freedoms.

Business and Human Rights Project (BHR): The BHR Project is grounded in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (the GPs) and advocate for corporate actors to incorporate the GPs in their every-day operations, with the overall goal of increasing respect for human rights by the business sector in Cambodia. The Project works to increase engagement with corporate actors and the RGC, and empower civil society, local communities and workers to advocate for their rights.

Human Rights Portal (Sithi Project): The Sithi Project – “Sithi” means “rights” in Khmer – seeks to improve human rights documentation and dissemination of information for more sophisticated evidence based dialogue and advocacy. The Project strives to develop and implement collaborative and decentralized approaches to human rights advocacy in Cambodia, and to facilitate more detailed research and analysis through the Cambodian Human Rights Web Portal hosted at

Land Reform Project (LRP): The LRP seeks to promote human rights related to land disputes throughout Cambodia. The overall objective of the project is to raise awareness of current and potential land violations, to empower vulnerable and marginalized communities, and to advocate and campaign for the promotion and protection of land rights, though cooperation over a broad scope of activities with affected communities, individual land activists, the authorities, partner non-governmental organizations and community based organizations.
Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Project (SOGI): The SOGI Project’s main objective is to improve respect for and understanding of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (“LGBT”) rights in Cambodia.  The SOGI Project seeks to help LGBT people to overcome difficulties and to lessen the violence, discrimination and human rights abuses they suffer on a daily basis, through networking, empowerment and advocacy.

Judicial Reform Project (JRP): The JRP works to promote an impartial and independent judiciary that operates to deliver unbiased justice in accordance to domestic and international laws. The Project carries out systematic monitoring of criminal trials in the Phnom Penh Court of First Instance and Appeal Court to assess adherence to fair trial standards in Cambodian courts, and also engages with key stakeholders – particularly judicial authorities and law students – to discuss critical issues regarding the administration of justice in Cambodia and secure their support in advocating for judicial reform.

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