Legitimacy Transparency and Accountability

Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability

The Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability (LTA) project started at CIVICUS in response to key findings of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index, which highlighted issues of transparency and accountability as among the main concerns of civil society organisations (CSOs) around the world. CSOs are being asked to be more transparent on how they spend public funds, as well as demonstrate their accountability and relevance. The LTA project aims to increase CSO’s effectiveness and ability to reach their ultimate goals, by contributing to their improved legitimacy, transparency and accountability.

We understand CSO’s legitimacy as the perception by other stakeholders, of a CSO’s actions as being “justifiable and appropriate”. Transparency is the level of openness and disclosure of information concerning a CSO’s values, processes and procedures. We define accountability as the CSO’s willingness and its ability to answer and take responsibility for its actions, activities and messages. It also indicates the justification for each of the CSO’s activities and communications to all stakeholders. 

The LTA project seeks to improve our members, partners and allies’ capacities and expertise on these issues. We aim to promote peer-learning and knowledge sharing through a community of practice and produce knowledge on transparency and accountability in the civil society sector. Join our LTA community of practice today! 

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