10 Steps to design your accountability feedback mechanism

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Resilient Roots: conquering the feedback loop - Part 1 of 5: “Design”

By Isabelle Büchner (Accountable Now) and Belén Giaquinta (CIVICUS)

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In the Resilient Roots initiative, 14 organisations from all over the world are running pilot projects to test new primary constituent accountability mechanisms. In most cases, these mechanisms focus on collecting and using feedback from the key constituents of each organisation.

Feedback is an important element of improving accountability, and for this process to be meaningful feedback mechanisms must include all 5 stages of a closed feedback loop.   You can read more about primary constituent accountability in this blog post, and learn about “closing feedback loops” in this 2 minute video

In this blog series, we want to highlight some key considerations for every stage of the feedback loop, share solutions to common challenges and simple tips that can help you harness feedback to improve primary constituent accountability. To illustrate this process, we are using examples and learnings from Resilient Roots pilot projects.

Are you ready now? Then let us dig a bit deeper! 

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