The Three Dimensions of Accountability


The three dimensions of accountabilityThe Resilient Roots (RR) initiative examines whether organisations who are accountable to their primary constituents, that is, the individuals and communities they support and serve, are better able to withstand external threats related to closing civic space. The Resilient Roots team believes that there are several ways to examine and measure changes in primary constituent accountability and, as a result, a cohort of 14 pilot partner NGOs were supported to design and implement accountability mechanisms suitable to their distinct contexts. Considering these diverse contexts and the various challenges each organisation faces, the accountability mechanisms used varied greatly.

In an attempt to better understand the importance of accountability mechanisms in the work of the pilot partners, Resilient Roots will be presenting four case studies. The aim of this first case study is to provide a general overview and provide examples of the different primary constituent accountability mechanisms that have been implemented by the pilot partners.

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