Primary constituent accountability in service delivery versus advocacy focused organisations


case study 2 RRThe first case study looked at three dimensions of accountability (giving, taking, and holding to account) and provided examples of how different Resilient Roots partners navigate and practice each dimension. While there are some common threads regarding both the design and implementation of different primary constituent accountability (PCA)1 mechanisms, there are many factors that can influence how they operate. These range from an organisation’s mission to the context in which it operates, who its primary constituents are, and its capacity to respond to feedback received. This case study focuses on the approach and activities of an organisation - distinguishing between organisations that are primarily service delivery focused and those who are more advocacy focused and examines some of the implications these different approaches may have on PCA and PCA mechanisms.

For both, it is important to design PCA mechanisms that can utilise and build upon existing touch-points between organisations and their primary constituents

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