10 tips to “course correct” your accountability feedback mechanism


Resilient Roots: Conquering the feedback loop - Part 5 of 5: “Course Correct”

By Isabelle Büchner et Belén Giaquinta (CIVICUS)

Blog 5 EN infographic

This five-part blog series tries to break down this process as much as possible, to move beyond theoretical discussions about how to shift power within the civil society sector and offer practical solutions for how to change organisational culture through feedback. In the final step of the feedback loop, which we call “course correction”, we capitalise on the learnings of the feedback process we followed, and use this knowledge to inform changes in the structures and strategic direction of our organisations (and the feedback process itself). The following 10 tips will break down how to approach this crucial process, to foster culture change and truly put your primary constituents in the driver’s seat of your work.

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