Welcome to the 2023 State of Civil Society Report from CIVICUS, the global civil society alliance. This year’s report, the 12th in our annually published series, looks back on 2022 to explore trends in civil society action, at every level and in every arena, from struggles for democracy, inclusion and climate justice to demands for global governance reform.

The analysis presented here draws from our ongoing analysis initiative launched in January 2022, CIVICUS Lens, and is directly informed by the voices of civil society affected by and responding to the major issues and challenges of the day. It offers a civil society perspective of the world as it stands in early 2023: one plagued by conflict and crises, including of democratic values and institutions, but in which civil society continues to strive to make a crucial difference in people’s lives.

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Chapter 1

Responding to Conflict and Crisis

Chapter 2

Mobilising for Economic Justice

Chapter 3

Defending Democracy

Chapter 4

Advancing Women's and LGBTQI+ Rights

Chapter 5

Sounding the Alarm on the Climate Emergency

Chapter 6

Urging Global Governance Reform


2022 in review