Vuka! Coalition for Civic Action

Increasing civil society’s resilience to attacks by building solidarity and incubating new forms of organisation.

Vuka! is a global coalition of 225 civil society organisations which has come together to help secure crucial short and long term victories to regain civic space and incubate new forms of resistance and organisation. To fulfill its mission, Vuka! seeks to coordinate civil society responses to reclaim civic space and mobilize diverse civil society sectors through: 


Increasing the effectiveness of citizen & civil society responses to the global crackdown on civic space via information sharing, coordination, & joint action.


Increasing civil society's resilience to attacks & threats by building solidarity across the sector.


Identifying, developing, & incubating creative approaches to human rights advocacy, new forms of resistance, & organisation.

A look at our workstreams and different country actions

Our resources

VUKA! developed two resources for protesters and their allies. The first is a guidebook that answers over 20 common questions on which activities related to peaceful protests are protected under international law. The second is a protest support phonebook that serves as a support directory of nearly 30 organisations that help protect the rights of protestors and elevate the impact of movements.

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Our structure

The governing structure of the coalition consists of a 19-member Civil Society Steering Group which provides strategic guidance and oversight to Vuka! and 6 thematic actions teams.

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