Goalkeepers Youth Action Accelerator


"The current prevalence of child undernourishment is worrisome, and it coexists with dangerous levels of obesity. The status quo cannot continue. Using real time data from multiple sources at grassroots level in order to inform multi-sectoral responses is a matter of urgency, and including the participation of the affected children and youths is crucial."

The e-Digital Nutrition Data and Information Systems, established by Rural Enterprise Trust Zimbabwe, will ensure optimal information exchanges between stakeholders in nutrition programs, such as donors, the government, civil society and the communities who are final beneficiaries of support.

There is widespread hunger and malnutrition in Zimbabwe and communities rely on emergency relief food handouts. The effects of it are dire: more than one-third of under-five deaths in the world are attributable to malnutrition. Despite being the major victims, and although they represent 40% of the African population, children are excluded in efforts to solve the problem.

The lack of adequate citizen-generated data on malnutrition makes matters worse. My project, the fully dedicated e-Digital Nutrition Data and Information Systems for grassroots communities, is meant to help the government and other actors in Zimbabwe to build effective, child-driven and youth-led food and nutrition service programming. By sourcing data from the people they are meant to assist, I am hoping to improve the management, coordination, resource mobilization and social accountability of nutrition programs.

The Systems will have three major functions which are key to the realization of SDG 2:

- They will measure changes in the nutrition status of vulnerable communities

- They will track progress in the implementation of actions

- They will help to prioritize response or interventions amongst at-risk communities

Reliable monitoring of progress, evaluation of outcomes and demonstration of results will be core functions for communities especially children who are final beneficiaries of support.

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