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"There's so much food in the world, and yet so much hunger. We just need a better system that will help
redistribute food and increase availability. Providing farmers with useful data is one of the major issues
to address if we want to end hunger."

His solution:
Photo by Agri Life Today (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Agro Connect Nigeria sources data from farmers - such as location, product or forcasted size and date of harvest - and uses it to connect farmers with top produce buyers in urban areas. This helps to increase farmers' income and reduce post harvest loss, which is currently estimated to be over 40% by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO).
Agro Connect contributes to achieving SDG 1 (no poverty) and SDG 2 (zero hunger) in Nigeria by:
  1. Leveraging on technology to transform rural farmers into successful entrepreneurs
  2. Contributing to the agenda of making Nigeria self sufficient in food production by ensuring farmers get timely access to buyers and information on best farming practices.
  3. Creating job opportunities for youth in the agro allied sector.
  4. Eliminating exploitative practices by multiple men in the supply chain by connecting farmers directly to buyers.
  5. Creating a more efficient farm produce supply chain by reducing post harvest loss, which in turn increases farmers' profitability, productivity and efficacy.
  6. Contributing toward sustainable agriculture and food systems by promoting the local economy and providing consumers with higher quality and healthier farm products.
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