Affinity Group of National Associations

The AGNA network brings together national associations and regional platforms from around the world to foster greater cooperation across national and regional boundaries, including innovating new ways for civil society organisations to collaborate.

By strengthening the power of people to organise, mobilise and take action, AGNA builds meaningful opportunities for networks to come together to participate in and influence global governance institutions and processes.

AGNA members around the world



AGNA is represented in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Middle East and North Africa. Currently, AGNA has 92 members from more than 81 countries.

Click on a country to see the members. All national associations and regional networks of civil society organisations are invited to join AGNA. Please check the AGNA membership policy and the application form (English) (Español) (Français). Please send all questions to .

Our priorities

AGNA’s new five-year strategic plan (2017 – 2022) aims to meet the emerging challenges that the network faces, and to continue playing an important role for the CIVICUS alliance in realising its mission and objectives. The plan also aims to provide a focused approach to develop and strengthen AGNA, and build a more effective and sustainable network.

AGNA Work Streams

Our work


Resource Guide for National Associations:

Reports from Staff Learning Exchanges

Webinar: Crisis Response Fund - A Support in Times of Crisis

Hosted by CIVICUS and presented by CIVICUS Advocacy & Campaigns team and AGNA Fellows.

Did you know that CIVICUS provides emergency support to individuals and organisations facing civic space violations in their country through the Crisis Response Fund (CRF).

If you would like to know more about the CRF and learn how to apply, check out the presentatiosn below:


Hosted by TECHO ( and AGNA a webinar on "Engaged Volunteerism: From Volunteers to Members - How it's Done"

Have you been working with volunteers and meeting the challenge of maximizing their engagement? Or have you been considering starting mobilizing volunteers into your activities? AGNA and TECHO, a nonprofit organization that mobilizes youth volunteers to fight extreme poverty in Latin America, will be hosting an exciting webinar to learn more about TECHO's volunteer engagement strategy. It will tell you more about how to take volunteer engagement to the next level.

Visit this live multilingual online toolbox and discover the diverse accountability practices from AGNA members and partners from around the world. Let us know if you have an accountability initiative you would like to showcase.

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All national associations and regional networks of civil society organisations are invited to join AGNA. Please check the AGNA membership policy and the application form (English) (Español) (Français). Please send all questions to .