International Civil Society Week

International Civil Society Week connects concerned citizens across sectors, themes, regions and backgrounds to tackle the world's most pressing challenges.

What is International Civil Society Week?

Why does it exist?

International Civil Society Week (ICSW) is a gathering for civil society to engage in finding shared solutions to global challenges. Using a ‘partnered’ approach, multiple organisations pool their resources to convene a diverse international group of leaders in civil society issues.

The global partnership aims to create connections that bring about positive social change, share tools that enhance citizen action, and celebrate people power. Each ICSW is convened under a specific theme that the gathering explores in-depth.

How you can take part in ICSW

ICSW 2019

ICSW 2019 will take place from 8-12 April in Belgrade, Serbia. Join us to celebrate "the power of togetherness". Attend as a delegate, or apply to be an ICSW\ignite speaker, ICSW\buzz group moderator or an ICSW concurrent event partner. Sign-up to the ICSW 2019 mailing list to get updates on partnerships, registration and more.


ICSW\local aims to broaden engagement with partners in under-represented regions, who might not be able to host events at ICSW itself. ICSW\local partners hold events at their local, national, or regional levels leading up to ICSW. Representatives then attend the main event to bring their diverse civil society and community perspectives into the global conversations.


ICSW\virtual provides an engaging way for participants to orientate themselves to the ICSW programme tracks. ICSW\virtual partners host webinars in the months preceding ICSW that convene expert global panels on the topics under discussion. These conversations are recorded and packaged so that they are easily accessible to a wider audience online.


ICSW\pop-up extends the excitement and inspiration of ICSW beyond the main event. ICSW\pop-up partners host events in the months following ICSW, which feature video presentations from the ICSW programme tracks and in-person panels that assist participants in relating the global dialogue to their local context.

Since 1995, CIVICUS has provided a unique convening space for civil society, governments, donors and business to engage constructively in finding common solutions to the global crisis.
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