About the Youth Working Group

The CIVICUS Youth Working Group is a lose members’ network of youth activists (30 years old or younger). This comprises roughly 800 organisational and individual CIVICUS members, and comprises over 30% of all individual members.

The CIVICUS YWG was launched in 2016 with the broad aim of channeling the interests, energies, concerns and voices of CIVICUS youth members, in order to strengthen youth engagement and participation around the world. This serves a longer-range goal of building resilience and sustainability in our movements, by building youth capacity, highlighting youth innovation, and developing and promoting youth leadership.

The YWG seeks to highlight and promote youth-led initiatives, contributions and expertise within and across CIVICUS communications channels and through direct bilateral engagement with CIVICUS’ youth constituencies. The YWG also seeks to share interesting and useful opportunities for engagement with our youth networks.

Of these individual members, eight youth member activists make up the CIVICUS Youth Action Team (YAT). The YAT has the mandate to advise and co-facilitate the Youth Working Group’s activities, to ensure representation of a plurality and diversity of young voices in the group’s agenda, and to champion youth inclusion, engagement and leadership in civil society.



Youth Working Group Activities

Our core Youth Working Group activities engaging our youth membership.

CIVICUS Youth Assembly

The YWG’s flagship CIVICUS Youth Assembly brings youth organisations and movements together to facilitate workshops and participatory discussions which seek to build youth capacities and skills. The Youth Assembly takes place one day before the regular International Civil Society Week convening that CIVICUS co-hosts every 18 months. The next Youth Assembly will take place in Suva, Fiji on 4 December 2017.

Mentorship Programme

Since early 2017, the YWG has launched a pilot Mentorship Programme. Be among the early members to participate, and you will be able to help us shape and refine this new membership programme while sharing skills and exchanging ideas with more experienced activists from the CIVICUS Alliance.

CIVICUS Youth United!

For information-sharing and networking purposes, youth members and allies are invited to join the CIVICUS Youth United! open Facebook group, or contact the Youth Officer if you are a member with information or ideas you’d like to share with CIVICUS youth!

Youth Working Group Priorities

Note that as CIVICUS prepares for a new Strategic Plan for 2017-2022, this Working Group is re-assessing ways of working and will be launching some new ideas, based on consultative bilateral and group discussions among staff and membership.


Taking stronger and consistent public stances on shrinking civic space for youth. Elevating the voices of youth actors to positions of influence within CIVICUS and its members. #CIVICUSyouth @UN


Encouraging CIVICUS and members to create a strong organizational culture to ensure that youth participation meaningfully includes youth at the periphery.

Networking and movement-building

Strengthening the CIVICUS youth network and ensuring that a diverse representation of youth movements and youth within organisations is integrated in to all the Alliance’s work.

Resource mobilisation and information-sharing

Identifying opportunities specifically for funding commitments to support youth initiatives in CIVICUS and facilitating the learning process of youth members to access to financial opportunities.


YWG Highlights and Accomplishments


  • 6 CIVICUS Youth Assemblies since 2008: Between 2008 and the last ICSW in Bogota, Colombia in April 2016, CIVICUS has ensured a dedicated space for young people to collaborate, prepare their engagement and coordinate approaches to civil society discussions involving a cross-section of civil society and CIVICUS membership.
  • 3 youth leaders on the Board of Directors: Since 2016, the CIVICUS Board of Directors includes three youth members, and in April of the same year, the new 2016-2019 Youth Action Team was appointed, selecting from an open call that drew 159 applications from 54 countries around the globe.
  • International Youth Day: The YWG marked International Youth Day 2016 with a webinar “Building youth inclusive civil society”, sharing strategies on how to build youth inclusion and engagement into all our work, taking off of four presentations from the 2016 State of Civil Society report focused on inclusion.