CSO Platform

In 2017, RACI – in collaboration with the UN and Cablevisión Fibertel – launched the first “ODS Platform” for Argentinean Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), with the aim of democratising information about the work carried out by CSOs in the country in favour of Agenda 2030 and making it visible to key actors. The platform uses ICTs as a strategic tool with the aim to generate new partnerships, a sense of ownership and to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently.

Mechanism for Reporting and Handling Complaints

This practice allows a transparent and structured way to issue and handle a complaint within ANND. The Mechanisms for Reporting and Handling Complaints related to the Protection Policy applies to all ANND staff, workers, and consultants in their various capacities and covers full-time workers. However, temporary contractors shall have the right to file complaints exclusive to the content, timeline, and related tasks of the contract with ANND.

Practical Guide on Writing Annual Reports For Nonprofits

This guide has been developed to help nonprofits who are new to writing annual reports to easily get the process started while staying transparent. Developed and based on our experience at the Nigeria Network of NGOs, this guide offers information on how to plan and create a valuable and engaging annual report that you can submit to regulators and one that your friends, donors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders would want to read.