Building a Code of Principles, Ethics and Conducts in Mozambique

Building a Code of Principles, Ethics and Conducts in Mozambique

Civil society organizations (CSOs) in Mozambique had been discussing the need and importance of creating an instrument through which they measure the challenges of their own growth and the demands of the society in which they act. The discussions have resulted in this Code of Principles, Ethics and Conduct which was formulated by and for Mozambican CSOs in 2014. The document also includes a practical monitoring guide for compliance.

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The Code of Principles, Ethics and Conduct of civil society organizations in Mozambique has become a unique and highly appreciated instrument by the associations and even the government because it was a process built from the bottom up with these same organizations. This appreciation is mainly because they feel part of the process and because the code is the maximum expression of how an organization should be managed, how social organizations should function, and it also shows the issues of transparency and accountability. This is what causes any organization to adhere to and worry about developing and maintaining minimum principles of the functioning of an association. The donor community becomes a very large reformer in order to assess the degree of each organization to initiate a program partnership, although they do not use this code as a proxy for the organizations to join. It would be highly desirable for donors to use the code as one of the requirements for access to funds as it would contribute to the loss and performance of many associations.

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