CSO Platform

In 2017, RACI – in collaboration with the UN and Cablevisión Fibertel – launched the first “ODS Platform” for Argentinean Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), with the aim of democratising information about the work carried out by CSOs in the country in favour of Agenda 2030 and making it visible to key actors. The platform uses ICTs as a strategic tool with the aim to generate new partnerships, a sense of ownership and to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently.

Standard of Memory and Balance of Civil Society Organizations – FECU Social

The FECU Social is a standardized and integrated presentation tool for Memory and
Balances for non-profit organizations (NPOs), prepared by Comunidad de Organizaciones Solidarias in partnership with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 2013. Along with transparent annual management and accountability, it allows compliance with legal information reporting requirements; as well as support the strategic management of social organizations.
There are currently 201 organisations using the FECU Social.

The tool consists of the information sheet itself as well as a support manual which outlines the different sections of the sheet.

Rendir APP: A self-assessment application to improve CSOs’ accountability

Rendir App is an easy and quick tool for organizations to self-assess themselves in relation to the 12 commitments of the Global Accountability Standard.

The app helps CSOs identify their current strengths and it provides recommendations that the organizations can implement to improve the areas identified as weakest.

It is co- created by ICD (Uruguay) and Transparencia por Colombia – ONGxT Network.

Begin the self-assessment here.