Closing the Feedback Loop within Cambodian Civil Society

Closing the Feedback Loop within Cambodian Civil Society

The objective of the NGO Governance Professional Practice (GPP) Online Feedback Form is to offer the complainants making their complaint as the evidence of misconduct by a certified NGO. This form will help the GPP team or National Climate Change Committee (NCCC) to define the process and take action to deal with based on the existed complain policy. It is also intended to be used for investigation to ensure that all allegations are dealt with fairly and efficiently.

To review the form, please view here.

Closing the feedback loop is important in ensuring transparency and accountability of organisations. Providing a way for people to critique the organisations is an important step to build trust with the public and keeping the civil society sector accountable.

Does your organisation have a civil society accountability or transparency practice that you would like to showcase here? Please let us know in the form below – any language is welcome! If you have any questions, please let us know at

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Review CCC Cambodia’s Complaint Policy here


Pheakdey Chan, CCC Cambodia

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