CSO Comprehensive Self-Assessment Tool for Nigerian Non-Profit Organisations

CSO Comprehensive Self-Assessment Tool for Nigerian Non-Profit Organisations

The self-assessment tool is an iterative survey that allows CSOs in Nigeria to reflect on and evaluate their capacity in a number of areas which measure accountability and transparency. This includes indicators assessing human resources, programme management, and financial management. The indicators were developed based on governance resources, sector best practice, and regulatory frameworks in Nigeria. The indicators are rated based on their importance to the operation of effective and accountable CSOs ranging from E (essential), R (recommended), and A (additional).

The self-assessment tool was accompanied by toolkits, guides, individual coaching, and workshops for members across the 36 states in Nigeria, specifically related to areas members identified as weaknesses.

The self-assessment tool can be found here .

The self-assessment tool aims to assist CSOs in beginning to establish an internal evaluation of their organisational procedure to identify strengths and weaknesses. Thus, the purpose of this self-assessment tool is to strengthen public trust towards CSOs in Nigeria, as well as to help CSOs to better understand and improve their operations and processes with regard to organisational accountability.

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