CSO Platform

CSO Platform

In 2017, RACI – in collaboration with the UN and Cablevisión Fibertel – launched the first “ODS Platform” for Argentinean Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), with the aim of democratising information about the work carried out by CSOs in the country in favour of Agenda 2030 and making it visible to key actors. The platform uses ICTs as a strategic tool with the aim to generate new partnerships, a sense of ownership and to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently.

With over 370 projects uploaded, the interactive platform provides an opportunity for visibility for the third sector, allowing the same organisations to upload their projects, classifying them according to the ODS they contribute to, their geographical location in the country, the type of organisation implementing them and the target population. In this way, it becomes a reliable source of information for the public, private and academic sectors which then helps holding CSOs accountable on their progress towards achieving the SDGs.

Does your organisation have a civil society accountability or transparency practice that you would like to showcase here? Please let us know in the form below – any language is welcome! If you have any questions, please let us know at agna@civicus.org

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Diego Camaño Moretti, E-mail, Red Argentina de Cooperacion Internacional

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""Plataforma ODS" is a collaborative project in which Argentinean civil society participates, transforming it into a living and growing platform. This tool allows for the classification of themes, and in this way advances the quality of proposals and projects presented by participating CSOs: by articulating their initiatives with what potential donors are looking for, it serves as a "window" for the visualization of projects based on what is proposed by CSOs. By participating in the platform, the organizations present their actions, rendering accounts and at the same time promoting and monitoring commitment to the ODS."