Developing a Code of Accountability for CSOs in Fiji

Developing a Code of Accountability for CSOs in Fiji

The Code of Accountability is a document which establishes approaches for institutionalising accountability and transparency measures in the internal processes of CSOs. The Code utilises the four-pronged approach of the Commonwealth Foundation’s Civil Society Accountability: Principles and Practice, which establishes a minimum for organisational accountability standards. These include basic accountability, accountable governance, accountable programmes, and accountable resource management. It also draws inspiration from the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness and the Busan Declaration on Development effectiveness. The Code acts as a model for those who operate CSOs to establish transparent and accountable systems within their own organisations.

The Code was endorsed by 45 member organisations of district councils of social services.

The code of accountability can be found here.

The aim of the Code of Accountability is to ensure that consistency of practices, transparency, and accountability are streamlined across all civil society organisations, in their various forms, in Fiji.

Streamlining and ensuring consistency will allow for greater mutual understanding of accountability processes and challenges as well as greater comparability across CSOs in Fiji.

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