Global Standard for CSO Accountability

Global Standard for CSO Accountability

The Global Standard for CSO Accountability is an initiative of nine well-established civil society accountability networks from around the world. The overarching aim is to strengthen the effectiveness of CSOs worldwide by devising a collective Global Standard on CSO Accountability. The nine networks have, over the course of three years, cooperated to learn from each other, gain a truly global view on CSO accountability, and improve their codes and reduce transaction costs. The Global Standard was formally launched during the International Civil Society Week in December 2017.

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The Global Standard is a reference standard that captures a globally shared, dynamic understanding of CSO accountability. It was developed by Accountability Initiatives from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. The Global Standard includes 12 Commitments for Dynamic Accountability which CSOs promise to deliver and Key Actions against which they can be held to account. It is a very practical framework that is adaptable to different cultural, geographical and organisational needs, by reducing the technicality of guidance and using simple language with less jargon.

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"If the dynamic approach to accountability is practiced by thousands of CSOs it has the potential to transform the civil society sector into a highly participative and responsive actor, generating trust on the ground and leveraging stakeholder contributions for greater impact. Both will be crucial to preserve and build civic space and a more just and sustainable world."