Institutionalising Voluntary Self-Evaluation of Organisation Transparency in Mexico

Institutionalising Voluntary Self-Evaluation of Organisation Transparency in Mexico

The Accreditation in Institutionality and Transparency (AIT) is an important source of reference on Mexican civil society organizations that provides additional information for donors and users.

The AIT enables:

  1. Identify reliable organizations.
  2. Be accountable to society of the resources received from it.
  3. Promote transparency in the philanthropic sector and towards society.
  4. Increase the trust of society in organizations.
  5. Determine aspects of institutional improvement.
  6. Increase the visibility of the organization.

Why is it important?

  1. It reflects the level of institutional development of the organization.
  2. It allows potential donors and allies a starting point in the analysis of institutional management and the feasibility of possible joint work.
  3. It shows the commitment of the organization with the people they serve, the social cause in which they work, as well as with their donors, allies, volunteers and other related publics.
  4. It helps to increase trust, recognition and visibility of work, and to value the contribution of civil society organizations.
  5. It provides organizations with a starting platform for the development of improvement processes that allow them to increase efficiency in their management and successfully meet their objectives and mission.

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The Accreditation in Institutionality and Transparency (AIT) operates as an institutional process of voluntary self-evaluation, verified and accredited by Cemefi, through supporting documents. It consists of ten indicators, grouped into three levels.

The organizations accredited at the optimum level, can hold the AIT in their institutional image, participate in the Cemefi Social Investment Platform ( incorporating projects for linking with foundations, donor entities and socially responsible companies.

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