Japan NPO Center’s Self-Assessment Check Sheet

Japan NPO Center’s Self-Assessment Check Sheet

In 2016, the Japan NPO Center (JNPOC) launched a bilingual portal site called CSO Accountability Portal (http://cso-accountability-portal.net/en) which introduces existing practices in Asia-Pacific as well as within Japan’s non-profit sector to ensure CSO accountability – a topic not too well-known in the CSO community in Asia-Pacific. Featured in this portal as a Japanese case is a JNPOC’s own initiative, a self-assessment check sheet tool created with World Vision Japan in 2014, as part of the NPO Training and Capacity-Building Project. Estimated time required for completing the Check Sheet is 150 minutes (15 min. for simplified version). JNPOC recommends to conduct self-assessment on a regular basis, preferably every three or six months, so that the respondents can observe his/her organisation’s changes and improvements.

JNPOC, with the help of NPO support centers’ leaders nationwide, developed a workbook called “15 Management Capabilities to Improve NPOs” (6,000 copies) which showcased 15 necessary capacities and skills for running a non-profit organisation sustainably and stably.
A supplement to the workbook was the Self-Assessment Check Sheet. This compilation of indicators allow an organisation’s condition to be examined according to each of these capacities to help problem-solving in non-leadership development and to strengthen the capacities of local nonprofits so the organisation can engage in sustained and multifaceted activities.

The self-assessment project was aimed at local group leaders who had started their organisations after the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster in 2011. Given the extent of the tasks they faced, many NPOs in Tohoku faced finance and human resource-related challenges due to waning interest in the disaster. Although originally created for organisations in Tohoku, the 15 capacities are relevant for any NPO in Japan.

By completing the checklist, it is intended to understand the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the organisation’s overall footing through the total number of checkmarks.

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"Japan NPO Center (JNPOC) has been seeking out what makes a NPO a trustworthy NPO , which is trusted by its beneficiaries, supporters and society at large. This is why JNPOC has engaged to create and promote various tools to enhance NPO’s accountability and transparency within NPOs, not to be coerced from outside force. We believe in the power of NPOs. Website link to the Accountability Practice http://cso-accountability-portal.net/en "