Mechanism for Reporting and Handling Complaints

Mechanism for Reporting and Handling Complaints

This practice allows a transparent and structured way to issue and handle a complaint within ANND. The Mechanisms for Reporting and Handling Complaints related to the Protection Policy applies to all ANND staff, workers, and consultants in their various capacities and covers full-time workers. However, temporary contractors shall have the right to file complaints exclusive to the content, timeline, and related tasks of the contract with ANND.

To ensure a comfortable working environment and healthy relations among ANND staff and between them and the Administration, all employees, regardless of responsibility, must abide by the ethics of human relations, respect, and professionalism in their behaviour in the workplace and during the implementation of tasks. Drawing the limits of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour among staff requires a degree of openness and freedom. They must have the collective and fundamental responsibility and common space to express the observations to their colleagues and draw the rules of mutual behaviour in the workplace or during the implementation of tasks.

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"With the aim to promote its accountability and transparency practices among its network members and partners, ANND successfully adopted a number of very well defined policies and tools, including "mechanisms for reporting and handling complaints", which guarantees a transparent way and process for addressing complaints received from members, partners and any contracting party with ANND."