NGO Good Governance and Professional Practices in Cambodia

NGO Good Governance and Professional Practices in Cambodia

The NGO Good Governance and Professional Practices (NGO-GPP), under the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), is a certification system to measure institutional governance and management for associations and NGOs in Cambodia. These standards have been developed since 2005 through widely consultations with CSOs, development partners, and government.

To view the 3rd edition of the Code of Voluntary Certification System, please view here (English) o here (Khmer).

Through a series of voluntary actions by NGOs, civil society organisations can become role models in the country, enacting policies and guidelines that follow the ethical principles and standards for NGOs in Cambodia.

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An assessment of NGO performance in Cambodia using the NGO-GPP standards here

A case study of how the NGO-GPP standards became a role model of self-regulation practices in Cambodia here


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"The GPP standard will help CSOs to gain trust from donors, government, communities, and other CSOs. Moreover, it will help CSOs to gain benefits around having affirmation of good work, getting recognition of accountability and honesty, self-improvement, having safeguards against improper behavior, having a framework for a sustainable organization, etc. We believe that GPP is a useful tool to help CSOs in improving their organization on accountability and transparency. Finally, it is related to CCC’s project goal on promoting good governance, accountability, and transparency within CSOs"