Public Social Accountability Process in Colombia

Public Social Accountability Process in Colombia

Generally, Social Accountability is a process of constructive engagement between citizens and government to check the conduct and performance of public officials, politicians, and service providers as they use public resources to deliver services, improve community welfare, and protect people’s rights.

In the specific context of Colombia, Public Social Accountability is the public process of understanding the impact and progress of the “Value Offer” of NGOs in Colombia. It is a voluntary, independent, and transparent process. The process also let’s NGOs build trust, credibility and public opinion about the contributions, achievement, and impacts of the civil society sector.

The Public Social Accountability process strengthens NGOs relationship with communities, donors, government, and the private sector. And it fosters continuous learning, as it is based on NGOs submitting self-assessments and autonomous information management.

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To read more about improving the legality of civil society in Colombia, visit the Confederación Colombiana de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales’ (CCONG’s) website.

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