Practical Guide on Writing Annual Reports For Nonprofits

This guide has been developed to help nonprofits who are new to writing annual reports to easily get the process started while staying transparent. Developed and based on our experience at the Nigeria Network of NGOs, this guide offers information on how to plan and create a valuable and engaging annual report that you can submit to regulators and one that your friends, donors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders would want to read.

Resilient Roots Initiative – A guide and how to close the Feedback Loop

Resilient Roots produced a detailed short guide outlining the methodology the initiative is following to measure accountability and track changes over time with the participating pilot project organisations. The guide also includes some key considerations for any organisation interested in setting up their own mechanisms for measuring accountability.

Furthermore, collecting feedback from the communities we work with is an important part of becoming more accountable, but for this process to be meaningful we have to “close the feedback loop”! Therefore Resilient Roots made a video with practical tips and examples for how to close the feedback loop with your constituents!

You can access the guide here and watch Resilient Root’s latest animation here.

Obstacles and Promising Techniques in Storytelling for Transparency and Accountability

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative’s (TAI’s) story behind the story report aims to help donors and practitioners in the transparency, accountability, and participation community to make use of stories to advocate their civic mission, to document and promote their work, and to examine their own impact.

The report can be found here.